Cookie Dough Place Nyc

Take a deep dive into a spontaneous adventure that will lead you to a world of exquisite cookie dough creations. Let your natural curiosity lead you to our delightful cookie dough place in NYC. Gooey on the Inside makes thick, creamy and sweet cookie dough with a twist.

The perfect Instagram worthy pic

We live our lives through photos. We freeze beautiful moments and experiences in our lives and share them with friends and family instantly. With cookie dough being such a trendy snack at the moment, a lot of people are going through too much hassle to get the perfect shot. We have made it easy for you to get bomb Instagram pics without too much staging.

“How,” you ask? Well, it’s is all about the experience. We have friendly, upbeat, and engaging staff who are excited to serve you and who want you to enjoy the experience. Our sweet treats also come in very IG worthy glass jars that scream modern, stylish, environmental consciousness. Getting your first cookie dough from our place and taking the first bite is definitely an experience you will want to capture and share with friends.

Are your cookie dough creations safe to eat raw?

Absolutely! We have specifically made our dough edible as is, meaning you don’t even have to think about baking it later. Every ingredient used in each of the gooey creations at our cookie dough place in NYC can be eaten as is, without baking. We use no eggs in any of our recipes and only use heat-treated flour to make sure you can indulge without worrying about any foodborne illness.

We make all our dough on-site and are entirely in control of all the ingredients going into any given batter. This allows us to completely micro-manage our cookie dough creation process, ensuring there is no cross-contamination. We make all our creations on bake to order basis in order to provide fresh products, and this does take some time. However, it is entirely worth the wait, as you’ll notice once you get your order.

How do you ship orders? Can you ship internationally?

Currently, we only ship within the US through USPS (United States postal service), which only delivers to physical addresses. We ship all our products on Mondays only so, please consider this when ordering, especially for special functions or events. Because we bake by demand, expect your Gooey goodies to arrive between 5-7 days from the day you place the order.   

Once your order goes out, we notify you through an email, with the tracking information included, on the same day. We send the notification to the email address included in the order.  We believe in quality customer service and guarantee you of timely response to any questions you may have about our services. Drop by or connect with us through our various social platforms at any time during business hours; we love hearing from you.

When at Gooey on the Inside, you are at the best cookie dough place in NYC. Order your delicious favorites and let us know what you think!

Cookie Dough Place Nyc

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Cookie Dough Place Nyc

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