Maggie’s Irish Breakfast

Medium red potatoes sliced 3 eggs scrambled 1/2 red bell pepper chopped 1/2 cup green onions 2 tablespoons Maggie’s Irish Potato Seasoning In a large skillet fry potatoes Add eggs, peppers, onions, and Maggie’s Irish Potato Seasoning Add 1/2 cup of shredded cheddar cheese Let stand in the skillet for about 5 minutes

Maggie’s Oven Roasted Potatoes

This is where it all began. Maggie’s famous Irish Potatoes. Family recipes passed down through generations tweaked with local flavors continue to please crowds. It’s important to roast oven potatoes long enough for the insides to become tender. This may mean boiling or even microwaving potatoes for a minute or two before they go in the oven.

There’s so much you can do with Maggie’s Irish Potato Seasoning and Maggie’s Cajun Style Seasoning. Try adding it to any side dish or as a meat rub the next time you roast a chicken. Season with Maggie’s when making hot wings, add to vegetable beef soup or stew, or season chilli with our world-famous spice blend. Everything tastes better with Maggie’s.

Maggie’s Cajun Fried Potatoes

The perfect Cajun fried potatoes require a Cajun potato spice that’s not too salty but packed with flavor. Maggie’s Cajun Style Seasoning is ideal for spicy Cajun-style potatoes fried the way your family likes them.

Whether deep-fried in a vat or pan-fried in a skillet with oil, your potatoes are sure to please the crowd when using Maggie’s spice blend. There’s a reason why Maggie’s is called the best spice in the world- it’s versatile, loaded with herbs and special spices, and guaranteed to turn any ordinary dish into something extraordinary.

Maggie’s Twice Baked Potato

What’s better than a spiced baked potato? A TWICE baked potato. First, you bake it so the inside gets nice and tender on the inside. Then you can add delicious ingredients and put it back inside to bake once again. What decadent way to enjoy an already delicious side dish! Get creative with your favourite ingredients. Try with different potatoes. Russets work well because they are starchy and sturdy enough to withstand the extra baking time. And don’t forget to add your favourite toppings like sour cream or a scoop of homemade chili with Maggie’s Cajun Seasoning!

Maggie’s Grilled Chicken Kabobs

Nothing says summer like grilled chicken skewers. Fresh, seasonable vegetables served with a nice salad and Maggie’s Irish Potatoes of course! You’ll be the fighting off neighbours from your backyard in no time. Mix things up with different veggies and proteins to please any crowd.

Maggie’s Cajun Hot Wings

Store shelves are filled with Cajun chicken wing seasonings that all claim to be the best. If you enjoy cooking and serving spicy wings to a hungry crowd, try Maggie’s Cajun Style Seasoning the next time your family asks for hot wings. Maggie’s makes it so easy to create the perfectly seasoned wings that everyone will love.

If you’ve tried Maggie’s Irish potato recipe, you know how delicious our seasoning is. Spicy wings are just as easy to recreate as our spiced potatoes, so why not give them a try?

Maggie’s Grilled Salmon

This simple salmon recipe is absolutely delicious! It’s packed with nutrients and healthy fats and loaded with flavor. There’s something about grilled fish that screams summer. Try it with grilled pineapple slices beside Maggie’s potatoes of course for a real crowd pleaser!

Maggie’s Linguine with Clams

Remember those commercials where the mom makes crispy rice squares, splashes some water and flour on her face and pretends it took her hours to make such a delicious treat? This simple yet delicious recipe reminds me of that. It sounds elegant but it’s actually very easy and full of flavor too!

Maggie’s Irish Hominy

Hominy is made from maize, known as field corn to some. Available in yellow or white, it is the essential ingredient for grits and tortillas. This isn’t like sweet corn you eat off the cob. It’s firmer and drier. You can usually find it dried or canned but this recipe calls for the canned variety.
This side dish is delicious served with chicken, beef or pork. As they cook, they transform into soft little dumpling style bites. Add Maggie’s Seasoning and your tastebuds will thank you

Maggie’s Irish Cabbage

Cabbage is probably the vegetable Ireland know known best for next to potatoes. If you’re planning a traditional St. Patrick’s Day celebration, cabbage will surely be on the menu. Maggie’s Seasonings revolutionized Irish potato recipes and you simply must try it with cabbage. Serve with potatoes and a nice corned beef. Delicious!